About us

We here at AllThingsNaturallyHandMade.com believe items made by hand have a different energy (value) attached to the item. From maker to user this has long been lost in the modern world.

About us:

  • We are Entrepreneurs trying to bring High Quality Naturally Hand Made items to our customer base around the country.
  • The creations you see in our store are big sellers in other platforms and want more people to have access to these beautiful creations.
  • Our office is located in Western Pennsylvania, half way between Pittsburgh and Erie.
  • We are successful Entrepreneurs for over 40 years.
  • This is our first attempt with Shopify store but, have several existing online stores on other platforms.
  • We have a small group of people including the artists or craftsman who all work together to meet our customers needs.
  • Please contact us via email at any time for any reason.